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Call for sup­port of the Nao­mi Masks Project

The NAOMI Masks Pro­ject employs five peo­p­le all of whom have qua­li­fied through the edu­ca­tio­nal pro­gram­me of the NAOMI Tex­ti­le Aca­de­my in Thes­sa­lo­ni­ki. All legal requi­re­ments have been ful­fil­led and con­di­ti­ons of employ­ment are fair.

This pro­ject and the team are pur­suing one of NAO­MI’s fun­da­men­tal aims, name­ly to give work and inco­me to peo­p­le in dif­fi­cult times. By sup­port­ing this pro­ject you give refu­gees and migrants a chan­ce to re-ori­en­ta­te and to build new lives in Greece and, at the same time, to pro­vi­de others in the camps with much nee­ded protection.



1. 100% cot­ton, dou­ble face: sin­gle-side prin­ted and other side plain
2. 100% orga­nic cot­ton, Colour black, den­se-wea­ve cot­ton, sin­gle lay­er Sewn-in wire to enable clo­se fit over the nose


Masks should be worn for a maxi­mum of two hours befo­re disinfecting:

  • in boi­ling water for 5 minutes
  • in an oven at 80°C for 5 minutes
  • by iro­ning at set­ting for cotton


How you can sup­port NAOMI

The fol­lo­wing pri­ces include a social ele­ment, every purcha­se and dona­ti­on sup­port work assis­ting refu­gees and migrants in a dif­fi­cult pha­se of their lives.

  • Pri­va­te and small retail purcha­ses: EUR 5.00 each + shipment
  • Retail purcha­ses > 200 pie­ces:  EUR 3.00 each + shipment
  • Dona­ti­ons to pro­vi­de masks for free-of-char­ge for peo­p­le in camps and recep­ti­on cen­tres: EUR 1.50 each


To make a purcha­se or dona­ti­on, plea­se cont­act us:

Pto­le­mai­on Str. 29A
Thes­sa­lo­ni­ki 54630, 6th floor
+30 2311 243415

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